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30 Aug

Welcome All New Followers!!

In lieu of my hard drive dying, we’ve picked up many, many new followers! Welcome to everyone!!

A special reminder that this blog LOVES SUBMISSIONS! We accept all *original period* dressmaking patterns prior to 1929. Modern interpretations, patterns made from extant garments, etc., cannot be accepted- sorry. Please check out the submissions page for more details. :)

There is also The Directory. Every single post on this blog has been tagged appropriately and can be found under its proper labeling in The Directory, so check it out! The Directory is still in beta, however, so if you do spot any problems, please feel free to let me know!

If there’s a decade or era you’d like to see more of, please let me know!

Otherwise, as soon as I can get set up again (sorry, work’s been crazy), we’ll pick up where we left off with Peterson’s. Please look forward to it!

Welcome to all the newcomers, thanks again, and thanks also for everyone’s patience! See you all soon! :D

21 Jul


Hello, everyone! (And welcome to all new followers!!)

My computer’s back from the shop with a shiny new hard drive, but alas everything on the dead hard drive is lost forever. This means, unfortunately, that I’ll have to spend some time re-harvesting (for lack of a better phrase) the patterns I already had lined up before everything exploded.

This will sadly take some time, but I’d like to take this moment to remind everybody that this blog LOVES submissions!! Please feel free to submit any ORIGINAL dressmaking patterns you find directly to this blog! Please keep in mind that modern recreations or patterns made from extant garments cannot be accepted. We are also now accepting outstanding crochet and knitting patterns- i.e. jackets, boleros, exceptional examples of skirts or petticoats, etc. For more information on crochet/knitting, please do a tag search for ‘crochet’ or ‘knitting’ within this blog. For more information on standard dressmaking pattern submissions, please check out the submissions page- the link to which can be found on this blog’s front page.

Thanks for your patience, you guys- it seems to always be something. *sigh*

07 Jul

Arghhhh more bad news…

Guys…my computer died. It’s gonna be at least another two weeks before I can restart the queue- a week to get it repaired and find out the full verdict, and a week to recollect all the peterson’s patterns that died with my hard drive.

Sorry about this, but continue to stay tuned for more patterns soon!!

01 Jul


I’m so sorry, guys- the queue slipped away from me last night as the massive protests going on in Tokyo right now distracted me the entire evening. I currently live in Japan and this particular issue is quite pressing for me and everyone else here, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

I’ll get things started up again in a little while, though. Thanks for your patience! :)

Edit: Will have to wait a few more hours before the queue starts up once more- I’m sorry again! But if you’re interested in knowing what’s going on out here, you can take a look at this post.

01 Jul

Knitted drawers, Peterson’s Magazine- February, 1862.

30 Jun

Talma cape in crochet, Peterson’s Magazine- May, 1858.

This is an exceptional example of a cape and thus included. (normally you won’t see capes here as they’re quite common)

30 Jun

Round Jacket for a Lady in knitting, Peterson’s Magazine- November, 1856.

30 Jun

Directions for crochet stitches from Peterson’s Magazine, 1867.

Any and all Peterson’s Magazine crochet projects should be made according to these stitch definitions and directions.

30 Jun

Polka Jacket in crochet, Peterson’s Magazine- February, 1856.

Make using the stitch definitions found in the #instructions tag *in this blog*, in the post marked Peterson’s Magazine. If you don’t use Peterson’s stitch definitions, your jacket may not come out very well.

30 Jun

New style of body, Peterson’s Magazine- December, 1858.